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Disable Macbook internal display

I own a Macbook Pro 13 2017 (2 thunderbolt ports), and I would like to disable the internal display when an external monitor is connected to it through USB-C.

I have ruled out the following

  1. Turn brightness all the way down in mirrored display mode: Not the best, because the GPU's framebuffer is still doing extra work on that internal display (processing power and battery affected).
  2. Using Clamshell mode: Again, not the best. I only got two USB-C ports, one would be taken by AC power which is a prerequisite for this mode, and another displaying to the external monitor.
  3. Add "niog=1" on NVRAM: Sounds OK, but still a hassle to reset NVRAM every time I want to work on the internal display.

I can think of two solutions

  1. Simulate what is happening to macOS on Clamshell mode without actually closing the lid.
  2. Simulate the Macbook on AC adapter power so I can use Clamshell mode with one USB-C port free.

I would appreciate feedback on this, it would be great to nail this issue.