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How can I disable Bluetooth A2DP profiles on the iPhone 4?

Simple question: I'd like to disable the A2DP profile for either (a) specific devices paired with the iPhone or (b) the profile entirely from the phone. How can I disabled the A2DP profiles? There used to be a program called Bluetooth Profile Selector for jailbroken iPhones. However, it stopped working after 4.3.1.

Here's the detailed scenario on why:
I have a stereo in my car that accepts a USB connector. This is how my iPhone is connected and plays music through. This way the audio quality is pristine, I can see the track information and control my iPhone from the headunit, and it charges my iPhone.

The headunit also pairs via Bluetooth for hands-free calling. However, because the iPhone supports A2DP, this is how it pairs to the headunit. I can do hands-free calling just fine, however it screws up the audio coming from the dock connector. Basically, the iPhone will begin playing music via the dock connector until it auto-pairs with the headunit. At this point, the iPhone automatically changes the output method to the Bluetooth connection. Manually changing this back over to the dock connector every single time is not something I wish to deal with.