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Disable Mavericks Spelling Autocorrection:

If you get frustrated when OS X 10.9 attempts to autocorrect the multiple technology words that it doesn’t recognize. You should be able to disable the autocorrection feature either globally or on a per application basis.

In theory you should be able to disable it globally or disable it only in certain applications. I have not found that the global disable actually seems to turn off the corrections in all applications though. this is most probably a bug that will be fixed in future Mavericks updates. It is helpful to disable it only in specific applications anyway.

Disable Spelling Autocorrection in all Applications:

  • Select Keyboards under System Preferences.
  • Under the Text tab uncheck correct spelling automatically.

Disable Autocorrection for a Specific Application:

  • Open the Apple application that you want autocorrection disabled.

  • Right-click (or ctrl-click) into any text field. From the context menu that appears, under Spelling and Grammar uncheck Correct Spelling Automatically.

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Remember that various applications can handle spelling correction in multiple different ways. Many applications will maintain the consistency of OS X and have this option available when right-clicking (ctrl-clicking) a text field. Disabling autocorrection in Chrome, for example, is handled this way.

Other applications such as Firefox may require you hunting through the Preferences to disable the autocorrection feature.

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