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What topics can I ask about here?

Ask Different is for users of Apple products. If you have a question about a practical problem you are trying to solve as a user of...

  • Apple hardware
  • Apple software
  • Apple services including iTunes Connect (selling music, books, apps)
  • third-party hardware, services and software when associated for use with Apple products.

... then you're in the right place to ask your question!

However, a few exceptions to the general scope exist. Please refrain from asking about the following topics as questions with these core subjects are generally closed or deleted:

  • Asking how/why Apple does <some thing XYZ>
  • Pre-release hardware
  • Obtaining or using pirated software or media (ref: legal)
  • Installing or using Apple operating systems on non-Apple hardware (and most other explicitly unlicensed use of product)
  • Code-level programming questions (cocoa, LLVM, etc…) are off-topic here. We do encourage AppleScript, Automator, and UNIX shell scripting questions as well as how to use tools like Xcode for non-language specific tasks.
  • Shopping or buying recommendations. Questions that are mainly about price/time/supply constraints are considered "shopping" questions.
  • Customer Support and questions about the particulars of specific games, such as game account or in-app purchase issues, should be directed to support staff. (ref: Customer Support)

Public complaints and specific questions about what Apple [did|does|thinks|might do] are not helpful in a Q&A setting since they lack a practical problem to be solved.

If you have questions about these policies, our Ask Different Meta site is a great place to discuss the scope of your question. We also do have a chat room for more free-form and/or opinionated discussions.

For more help, see "What types of questions should I avoid asking?"

Please look around to see if your question has been asked before. It’s also OK to ask and answer your own question.

If your question is not specifically on-topic for Ask Different, it may be on topic for another Stack Exchange site. If no site currently exists that will accept your question, you may commit to or propose a new site at Area51, the place where new Stack Exchange communities are democratically created.