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macOS artificially restricts speeds to 100 Mbps over Ethernet

Overview I have a 1 Gbps connection via a Cat 6 Ethernet cable to my MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2019). I am on macOS Big Sur 11.6 on the Intel Core i9 if that helps. The Ethernet cables connect to the ...

network ethernet  
asked by saurabhj 10 votes
answered by jksoegaard 18 votes ⌘N suddenly opens new tab by default. Don't want that

⌘N (Command-N) opens new tab instead new window. Only option-⌘N creates a new window. I want to get back to the traditional behavior. Most apps use ⌘N to create a new window, so I keep forgetting to ...

terminal keyboard window-manager  
asked by clearlight 4 votes
answered by Alper 3 votes

How to make Apple Watch Stop SMS/Message Notifications from Unknown Senders?

I receive a lot of SMS/Message Scams (perhaps 3 or 4 per day). I assume it's related to something like the flubot virus. I like turning the option under settings - notifications messages - customize ...

notifications apple-watch sms spam  
asked by Jeromy Anglim 3 votes
answered by IntelCorei9 1 vote

Does recent macos have TTYs enabled? If not, is it possible to enable?

On most Linux distributions, you have the ability to press Ctrl+Alt+F1 to open TTY1. Does macOS have this ability? Is there a way to enable it? If macOS freezes, it could be quite handy to be able to ...

macos big-sur m1  
asked by user606723 3 votes
answered by nohillside 8 votes

Which disk did I boot from?

I have multiple hard drives, each containing various partitions, with various bootable OS X versions on them. This Apple support link, despite the title, Determine which disk started up your Mac, just ...

hard-drive startup  
asked by Greenonline 3 votes
answered by David Anderson 3 votes

Does iCloud backup data from apps that are not designed to sync with iCloud?

I need to send in my iPad for repair, and want to know if iCloud backs up ALL app data, or only the apps that are designed to sync their data with iCloud? An example is my 400 hour Slay the Spire save ...

ipad icloud backup  
asked by Vikram 3 votes
answered by jksoegaard 4 votes

Share car(s) parking location with family members

All family members have iPhones. We share 2 cars. What’s the best way to have the parked car location update automatically for everyone? Currently I manually share the Parked Car location that appears ...

iphone bluetooth maps find-my  
asked by MultiformeIngegno 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Inspect Element in Safari?

I've tried Firebug Lite for Safari, but content wasn't editable. Is there an alternative to edit HTML, CSS, etc?

safari web-inspector  
asked by user2056671 31 votes
answered by denisvm 58 votes

Change my Apple ID email address on iCloud account

I had to make a new email address for my new Apple ID since I forgot my previous Apple ID password and couldn't receive a verification email. Now that I have my new Apple ID and password, my iPhone ...

icloud apple-id documents-in-the-cloud  
asked by Jade 12 votes
answered by robin0823 7 votes

How can I prevent the iPad from getting my iPhone texts or calls?

Updated my iPhone and iPad to IOS 8.0.2 and now when I get a text or phone call on the iPhone the message appears on my iPad. Can I undo or unlink this feature?

iphone ios  
asked by user93484 5 votes
answered by Matt 2 votes

Two Clash of Clan accounts under one Game Center account

I have a problem that I am worried about with my Clash of Clans game. I originally started playing the game on my iPad. I was not able to play it while I was out because my iPad did not have an ...

ios apple-id game-center clash-of-clans  
asked by tjinvestments 3 votes
answered by PoisonNinja 1 vote

App Store asking for other Apple ID when updating apps

My friend's mate reset his phone to prove him wrong about a situation and ever since then when he tries to update his apps it asks for his mom's iCloud password yet it says at the bottom of the App ...

ios applications ios-appstore apple-id software-update  
asked by user83429 41 votes
answered by grg 55 votes

How do I stop sharing call history between two iPhones?

My husband and I both just upgraded to iOS 8.3. Now I notice that if I have a missed call it shows up on his notice screen and all my calls show up in his recent call history (and vice versa). Both ...

iphone ios  
asked by Mary 12 votes
answered by Sizzle 14 votes

How do I run a .sh or .command file in Terminal

I've always wanted to be able to run a script I've downloaded online directly from the Finder but just double clicking the file does not work.

macos terminal command-line bash  
asked by Maximus 141 votes
answered by Maximus 173 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Keyboard shortcut to call an AppleScript (created with Automator --> Quick Action) always require app permission

I've followed this answer in order to add this AppleScript to a keyboard shortcut. It works but it doesn't resize the window, and I receive the following message: com.automator.runner.xpc is not ...

applescript keybindings  
asked by LS_ 1 vote

How do I investigate "macOS wants to make changes"

Every now and then a window pops up: I hit deny, it reappears, I hit deny again, and, after 2-4 repetitions, I am left alone. I wonder if there is a way to figure out what is going on - is there ...

security keychain administrator  
asked by sds 1 vote

How to change permissions on ExFAT filesystem?

I'm aware that ExFAT has no support for permissions and ownership and that I may have change the mount options to change the permissions, but I'm not sure how to do this. I just want to change the ...

macos external-disk exfat  
asked by J. Herrera 1 vote
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