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Top new questions this week:

Uninstalling old Mac OS apps in my Macbook Air

I have these 2 applications sitting in my Macbook Air Applications folder. I am currently running High Sierra and not planning to upgrade to either of these 2 versions. Is it OK to uninstall them or ...

macos mac  
asked by mVentures 4 votes
answered by Tetsujin 8 votes

How can I update my macOS 10.14.6 to latest version?

I am using a 2019 MacBook Pro and I haven't updated the macOS in a while. Now when I want to update it to the latest version (macOS Catalina). Every time I try it in System Preferences, I get an error ...

macos catalina mojave software-update error  
asked by Bardia Modaberi 3 votes
answered by Nimesh Neema 1 vote

Mac mini with an iPad as the only display?

Can I run a Mac mini with an iPad as the only display? Let's say that Sidecar has some kind of an autostart and when the Mac mini boots, it automatically gets started.

macos ipad sidecar  
asked by gurehbgui 3 votes
answered by Nimesh Neema 3 votes

Is it safe to connect external screen to MacBook via USB-C from the warranty perspective

Since power is supplied to the MacBook there is a (small) risk to damage the laptop. How does it stand from Apple's warranty perspective? Do screen manufacturers such as Dell or LG have any agreement ...

macbook-pro display usb warranty  
asked by Ivan Balashov 3 votes
answered by Allan 5 votes

Can macOS (Catalina) match a Brazilian Portuguese Windows keyboard layout?

The Windows Portuguese keyboard has a different layout than the Apple Portuguese keyboard: Here's the Windows version: Here's the Apple's version: I don't want to buy a new keyboard or learn a new ...

macos keyboard internationalization  
asked by João Abrantes 3 votes
answered by Tom Gewecke 1 vote

Encrypt old Time Machine backup for archival purposes?

I have a couple of old Time Machine backups (for computer A and B) that are stored unencrypted on an unencrypted drive. I would like to encrypt them for archival purposes but they need to remain ...

backup time-machine encryption  
asked by d-b 2 votes
answered by Gordon Davisson 2 votes

Reinstall macOS on MacBook Pro

I recently installed win10 via Bootcamp on my MacBook Pro 2016 but I wasn’t able to restart into macOS. Holding the option key upon boot wouldn’t do anything and the laptop would still boot into ...

macbook-pro bootcamp windows  
asked by nightmareluffy 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

The headphone jack on my MacBook Pro just stopped working. How do I fix it?

The headphone jack on my MacBook Pro stopped working. It was working fine, then just spontaneously stopped while I was using external speakers plugged into the output jack. Now, neither speakers nor 3 ...

macbook-pro headphones  
asked by Shari USA 42 votes
answered by Mattias Wadman 46 votes

Is there any way to view saved wifi passwords on the iPhone?

I've previously connected to a wifi network on my iPhone but I've no way of finding out the password. So is there any way to view saved wifi passwords on the iPhone?

iphone wifi security password  
asked by PriestVallon 77 votes
answered by de_an777 27 votes

How can I manually delete old backups to free space for Time Machine?

I use a Time Capsule for backup and now I want the drive to back up data from an extra Mac. But the drive is filled up with old backups from Mac 1. There simply is not enough space available for the ...

macos time-machine backup time-capsule maintenance  
asked by Jesper Rønn-Jensen 244 votes
answered by bmike 250 votes

Why does my dock keep moving back to my other monitor?

I have a larger, external monitor connected to my MacBook Pro and have arranged it such that the dock is in the external monitor (via System Preferences > Displays > Arrangement, by dragging the white ...

macbook-pro mavericks display dock  
asked by 3cheesewheel 324 votes
answered by Mr Rabbit 545 votes

iPhone 5 iOS7 no sound only vibrates when ringing?

Here is what I tried... Do Not Disturb is off In Settings -> Sounds, Vibrate on Ring is off and Vibrate on Silent is off The switch on the side is set to silver not red. The music will play over ...

audio ios iphone call  
asked by leeand00 5 votes
answered by leeand00 2 votes

How can I list my open network ports with netstat?

I would like to list my open network ports in Terminal with built in commands. As what I know, netstat is the command to use. But I'm struggling to get any useful information out of it. How can I ...

terminal network  
asked by Jonas 242 votes
answered by grg 354 votes

Our iPad is locked and we're not sure of the Apple ID / iCloud password

My Granddaughter has lost/forgotten her ID and passwords for her iPad. When the iPad powers on, it goes straight to an iCloud password request and I cannot get past it. I have installed iTunes on my ...

ipad icloud password activation-lock  
asked by Chris Jones 2 votes
answered by bmike 3 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Is there any way to force CLI "softwareupdate" to display & install updates other than the latest one?

I'm currently trying to install updates for Mac OS Catalina using softwareupdate CLI tool. I successfully upgraded a 10.15.5 installation on a VM to 10.15.6: softwareupdate -iaR I tried installing ...

macos command-line software-update  
asked by Argish93 1 vote
answered by bmike 0 votes

How can I script the bootup disk in macOS Catalina without disabling SIP?

I'm on Catalina 10.15.6. Previously, you could write shell scripts that would set the boot volume and restart the Mac, either by using bless --mount X --setBoot or by using systemsetup ...

catalina script administrator  
asked by Karew 1 vote

Camera is being used by another application -- which one?

I was using FaceTime this morning, and during the call, the "Camera is being used by another application" screen appeared. I've searched and I found ...

ipad camera facetime  
asked by Roger Lipscombe 1 vote
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