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Top new questions this week:

Edit home screen bookmark link or preserve cookies

I have been playing Wordle through a home screen bookmark I made via Safari. The site says the old link (that currently forwards to the NYT site) will be retired in June, so I assume my bookmark will ...

ios safari mobile-safari  
asked by Tenfour04 Score of 6
answered by cjl750 Score of 2

On iPhone, is there a more effective “silent mode” that actually disables all sounds?

On iPhone, there is a physical switch on the left side of the device for turning on “Silent Mode”. This mode does not disable all sounds. For example, if you open YouTube in Safari and play a video, ...

iphone sound-volume ios  
asked by Šime Vidas Score of 4
answered by nekomatic Score of 2

Where are the default icons stored on macOS Monterey?

Running on macOS Monterey v12 I recently learned that if you create a folder called Developer in your home directory, you can drag it to the sidebar in Finder and it will display with a tiny hammer ...

macos icloud finder icon monterey  
asked by Bn.F76 Score of 3
answered by At0mic Score of 2

Is it possible to mount an encrypted disk image so that only current user is able to access it?

I use VeraCrypt to mount an encrypted volume. When the volume is mounted, other admin users are not able to access it: admin1 % admin1 % su - admin2 admin2 % ls /Users/admin1/veracrypt_mounted admin2 %...

disk-utility encryption filevault disk-volume  
asked by Sebastian Score of 3

Apple Shortcuts Progress Bar?

I made a shortcut that enhances images in PixelMator Pro from the Quick Actions menu. It works great but I don't see anywhere the progress of this shortcut. If there are a hundred images it can take ...

asked by blankblank Score of 2
answered by benwiggy Score of 1

What stylii will work with a 1st gen iPad mini?

I have a 1st gen iPad mini A1454 running iOS 9.3.6 and I would like to know what my options are when choosing a stylus. I know that Apple Pencil and compatible products will definitely not work, but ...

ipad bluetooth stylus  
asked by user4551 Score of 2
answered by agarza Score of 1

Get MacBook Pro M1 to consistantly order 2 identical monitors

I have an M1 MacBook Pro. I have two 27" HP E27u G4 monitors each connected directly to it via USB-C cables. Every time the Mac sleeps (turns off the displays?), when I wake it up it will ...

macos macbook-pro display m1  
asked by gman Score of 2

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I permanently delete data from a game when I delete it from my iPhone/ipad

I have been trying for weeks now to delete a game and all of its data and every time I do this and install the game again it comes back with the previous data. I want to delete the game and start ...

asked by Penny Score of 4
answered by michaellee Score of 6

What is the meaning of the "§" symbol (on the upper left corner of the mac keyboard)?

The title says it all, but I'll repeat it here: What is the meaning of the "§" symbol (on the upper left corner of the mac keyboard) as highlighted in the image here? Apparently, this is not ...

asked by David Resnick Score of 24
answered by David Resnick Score of 31

How to check whether my Intel-based Mac is 32-bit or 64-bit

I want to install new software that has these two versions, and I need to know which one to install. How can I tell the 32 or 64 bit capabilities of my Mac?

macos mac 64-bit  
asked by iddober Score of 73
answered by Paul Lefebvre Score of 25

Shortcut for toggling between different windows of same app?

I opened two Google Chrome windows (because I am using multiple Gmails) and when I do the Cmd ⌘ Tab ⇥ shortcut it just shows me other applications that I opened but does not show me the other Chrome ...

macos keyboard google-chrome  
asked by deter Score of 466
answered by Tetsujin Score of 556

Can I downgrade to Mavericks after installing Yosemite (beta/developer preview)?

I have installed the developer preview for Yosemite. Huge mistake. Everything in my workspace is broken. I don't have any sort of backup image. I was wondering if I could re-download Mavericks and ...

asked by Omega Score of 27
answered by grg Score of 6

iPad won't turn on after a complete battery drain

My iPad mini retina is out of warranty, I forgot to plug in my iPad after the critical battery warning and it went some minutes following the warning. I was not worried because same thing had ...

ios ipad battery  
asked by bfaskiplar Score of 16
answered by Tetsujin Score of 31

On new iPhone, when I call people no one can hear me but I can hear them

I got a new iPhone last weekend and have a problem: why can’t people hear me on the other end of the phone when I call them? Any tips on what the cause could be?

asked by Bella Score of 4
answered by Doug Score of 3

Can you answer these questions?

How can I make sure all music in the music app outputs at the same volume?

My music library has music from a large number of sources, which means that the volume of one song can be very different from that of another, and I'm trying to figure out a good way to make it so ...

macos mac audio music  
asked by Southpaw1496 Score of 1
answered by Tetsujin Score of 0

Reading WhatsApp app message via automator

Is it possible to read WhatsApp app message via automator? I want to build an auto reply chat not using automator.

asked by Kelvin Score of 1

Gmail in Mail on iOS 10?

I have an old iPhone 5 with iOS 10. When trying to login to a Gmail account in the Settings app in order to use the Mail app I get this from Google: Error 403: disallowed_useragent You can’t sign in ...

ios gmail authentication  
asked by Andreas Score of 1
answered by Nilesh Score of 0
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