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comment Can I use tethering to let an iPad use an iPhone's 3G?
Yes.. with iOS5 you now can (and depending on the carrier, pay extra). But this question was asked 2 years ago before iOS 5 was out.
comment Does PlainText transmit data securely?
Dropbox may be encrypting the data over SSL - don't know if PlainText talks directly to the Dropbox site or proxies the connection through some over place first as PlainText is not the same developer as Dropbox.
comment How can I fix the GPS problem that occured after jailbreaking iPhone 3GS 4.2.1?
@Cawas - that link doesn't answer his question on how to downgrade or fix his GPS issue.
comment What is your favorite word processor for the iPad?
Evernote and Pages generally work well for me as well. Haven't tried Penultimate yet but have been looking for a mind-mapping solution for the iPad so will be taking a look shortly.