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comment Disable mounting Internal Macintosh HD at boot
blush You are right... It looks like I hijacked a question that is not exactly what I need. The OP and I are in the same situation: having a failed internal drive, booting from an external drive, and wanting to get rid of the internal drive. However, his question is indeed specifically about how to disable auto-mounting the drive at boot. That'll teach me to read carefully.
comment Disable mounting Internal Macintosh HD at boot
It seems like this would prevent auto-mounting a volume at boot, but not hide the physical hard drive from the OS. In my case, I have erased all volumes from the defective internal hard drive and want the drive to stay off forever, just as if it had been physically disconnected. As I type this, I hear the iMac's internal drive click like there's an army of hamsters running on its platters. I want to make this stop, and it seems like unmounting and deleting all volumes is not enough...
comment Disable mounting Internal Macintosh HD at boot
I'd also like to know the answer to this. I have an out-of-warranty iMac (2007) whose internal drive died. Instead of replacing it, I am now booting from an external (FW800) SSD. However, the iMac's internal drive goes into clicky-click mode from time to time, even though I deleted all volumes from it and ejected it in Disk Utility. I'd really like a way to make it completely invisible to the OS, just as if I had physically disconnected it. Maybe there's a way to fiddle in the EFI configuration? Starting a bounty for this question!
comment Why is my new mid-2011 Air dropping wifi signal which old 2008 MacBook can hold? And is this related to my complete machine failures?
Apple released Lion update 10.7.1 today, mentionning "Improve the reliability of Wi-Fi connections" in the release notes. You should probably install it on your MacBook Air and see if your WiFi is more stable then...