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comment How to change the spell check language in Pages 5?
How to set a language for the whole document should be in the Pages 5 help page but isn't.
comment Browsers won't load css/js files with https URL
+1 it was the Developer menu interfering with styles for me. "Reset Safari" should reset the developer menu too.
comment What does it mean if I have lots of “Inactive” memory at the end of a work day?
Purge's man page actually says it was written to flush disk cache only (not anonymous mem: stack, heap, or copy on write) for performance analysis (precisely because the disk cache speeds up the system). It wasn't written to release faster, since executing it is slower than the kernel dynamically reclaiming the memory when needed. Closing an app completely removes all allocated mem, and if you purge afterwards it makes the application load slower, see linuxatemyram.com/play.html. I guess there is something psychological about purge, just as compulsively emptying the trash.