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I am an experienced Software Engineer and ICT Engineer with over 15 years of experience working with a diverse range of clients across several areas of industry. I hold a great depth of knowledge in my primary fields of Software Engineering using C# for all versions of the .NET Framework and ICT Infrastructure Engineering, while maintaining a good working knowledge of a diverse range of related areas within Software and ICT Engineering.

My experience includes specification and development of bespoke software solutions, both as a Software Engineer and as Technical Lead Engineer for Construction, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing and Offshore industry sectors. I also have extensive experience with specification and configuration of complex document capture and purchase-to-pay solutions using the Kofax and Basware software platforms, both as a Software Implementer and as Lead Technical Engineer.

In addition to my software experience, I have extensive experience in the specification, installation and maintenance of a wide variety of ICT Infrastructure, including Windows, Linux and Unix implementations (both heterogeneous and homogeneous environments). I have extensive experience with both Oracle and SQL Server from the perspective of both Software Engineer and DBA, as well as experience in the installation and maintenance of email servers including Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino and Linux-based MTA's such as Sendmail and Postfix.

I have experience with a wide variety of network protocols, including wire-level traffic analysis and implementation of network-wide security and VPN management of both IPSec and PPTP type VPNs. I also have experience with management of both POTS and VoIP telephone equipment.

I believe in taking a First Principles approach to any problem, whether it be the specification of a new system to specific client requirements or resolving a fault within a software implementation; this approach allows for the best practical solution for the problem in-hand.

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comment Problem with returning to iTunes when in full-screen mode
If you have a Magic Trackpad (and possibly the Magic Mouse also), you can swipe left / right with three fingers to move between spaces and full screen apps - which can be quicker than accessing Mission Control. It's definitely a UX bug though...
answered SSH Key Error, sudo works fine
comment How to disable Facebook push notifications in iPad 2
I think the iPad has a 'Notifications' section in the left pane (I think it was there in iOS 4), if you select that, you should be able to toggle off the notifications from Facebook completely. The settings found under the Facebook app section will only take effect after you have opened the app after changing them, but I've always found these to be quite unreliable.
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answered How to disable Facebook push notifications in iPad 2