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PHP, JavaScript, and Erlang web developer also working with some mobile apps.

comment How can I stop OS X from switching Spaces when the mouse cursor is at the edge of the screen?
This was the case for me using Yosemite. I was using synergy to share keyboard/mouse between computers and when my mouse went to the other desktop and the cursor was at the edge of the screen, it started switching workspaces. Click-dragging a window around for a second seems to have fixed that.
comment Map gestures to mouse buttons
The only 'gestures' I can map to mouse buttons are three finger swipe left/right/up/down, but it work. Theres a ton more options to. Still works like a charm. Marked as answer. Thanks.
comment Linux 'Byobu' equivelant for mac
Excellent! Marking as the answer. I also was trying to think of what the name of homebrew was too. I knew there was a third party package manager for mac but couldnt remember the name. Two birds with one stone. THanks a bunch.