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comment What file comparison tool can I use under OS X?
P4Merge is free, very nice, can be used as both a diff and merge too, doesn't need to be downloaded with a perforce client anymore, and can even visually diff images! Download here
comment How can I remove the window shadow in Mountain Lion?
If you don't have XCode, and don't mind downloading from people's Dropbox's, here's the util, which I just compiled on my Mac ;-) I didn't do anything to it, and it worked great for me... But if you're not adventurous, download it from the git repo above and build it yourself! dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/274922/toggle-osx-shadows You'll have to chmod 700 toggle-osx-shadows to make it executable, of course!
comment Globally move mouse pointer and click using VIM keystrokes?
Thanks for the feedback - I was already aware of "Mouse Keys" but that doesn't work for me as I really want to customize the keys that are used to match VIM.
comment How to launch browser in iOS Simulator from command line?
You can easily pass in the target website if you replace "http://google.com" with "$*", and you save this as a shell script (e.g. ~/launch_ios_browser.sh, then chmod 700 the file). Then you can go to localhost using ~/launch_ios_browser.sh http://apple.com
comment Create global shortcut to run command line applications
also, the section in the "Keyboard preferences" pane to add a shortcut will be under the "Services" section, if using the Automator approach.
comment How to to specify pronunciations for OS X Lion?
This doesn't seem to work for the terminal. Try running "say tony" in the terminal, and you wont get your new pronunciation.... and ideas on how to make this happen?
comment The error “Keychain ”login“ cannot be found to store …”
and once you have "Keychain Access" open, click "Keychain Access" in your menu bar at the top and select "Keychain First Aid". Run the repair and then run verify.