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comment Is Mac Mini enough to publish my game on iTunes or do I need iPod or iPhone to publish the game on iTunes?
@Derfder It doesn't matter how simple the application is, it should be tested on a real device. There are many differences between the simulator and real devices that can cause different behavior between platforms. You said this is a trivia game, so as an example, lets say that you store all the questions and answers in a plist file. Now lets say that you incorrectly capitalize the filename with accessing it in code. You'll never notice anything wrong on the simulator, but this will cause you to have null data on a real device which may even result in a crash if not properly guarded against.
comment Creating charging switch on iPhone charger
@Caesium Yes, but the difference is when the normal user leaves their phone plugged in all night it's simply charing without the constant extra draw that I have.
comment AirPlay with just iPhone and Apple TV
Now this is just a guess at something that might work, but if you are jailbroken, you may be able to create an ad-hoc network from your phone and connect the Apple TV directly to it. In theory anyway.
comment My MacBook was stolen: can the thief access my files without my account password?
@Sed My apologies as well, that's really terrible. Now obviously there's a risk that the thief's will be able to gain access to your files, but more likely than not, they lack the knowledge to do so and your computer will probably end up being wiped clean without anyone even attempting to peak around.
comment Why does OS X keep forgetting my trackpad settings
Hmm that's strange, maybe you're experiencing some sort of bug.
comment Will I lose my messages if I downgrade my iPhone from iOS 5 to iOS 4?
Good call, good luck!
comment Will I lose my messages if I downgrade my iPhone from iOS 5 to iOS 4?
@Xavier under normal circumstances restoring will copy your messages back to the phone but during a downgrade it's very possible that iOS 4 won't be able to restore an iOS 5 backup.
comment Is it safe to use a MacBook in a slightly tilted position?
Should be fine unless it slides off!
comment iPad 3, web pages and pixel-specified sizes
This is correct, retina iOS devices use a point system to handle on screen item sizing and placement.
comment If I download OSX Lion from the app-store, is that version linked to my account?
Ha I've got computer envy, good luck to you!
comment iPhone 4 regularly using its 3G connection too much
This isn't off topic, you stated the following... "The phone currently makes about 10-20 "wakeups" per minute, which is enough to make me place it a couple of meters away so the speakers won't pick up anything." I was simply pointing out that you shouldn't even bother deleting your apps one by one because it won't matter, the phone uses data all the time period.
comment How to reinstall previous iOS version on iPhone or iPod touch
This can be achieved by modifying your computers host file to tell iTunes to check on a server other than apples for signing of this downgrade. Apple will NOT sign for downgrades, because they don't want to make jail breaking any easier for you. If you could provide me with more details I could help you through this process, for example do you already have the EXACT build of iOS you want to downgrade to available, and are you running on a mac or a pc?