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comment How can I browse WWDC session videos directly on my iOS device or AppleTV?
So you have to go through the developer site each and every time? Now way of finding them directly in iTunes / iTunes U?
comment Tweetbot marks some tweets with a blue corner
Wow, a 'would love to have'-feature that I didn't realize that I already had. Thanks :-)
comment Text input trouble on OS X Snow Leopard - text doesn't show up before mouse click
I find the 'mouse-down-mouse-up to mouse-click' algorithm on mac not as good as the windows one. Relatively often, buttons seems to remain pressed and needs an extra click to register a proper click. I think that this may be another problem, though. If it If the os thinks the mousebutton is still down, the selection should move around together with the mouse cursor and not just update after a second click. But I don't know...
comment How to stop screen from dimming when watching video?
The video that nudged me into writing this question, was the keynote published yesterday. I would guess that it used Quicktime?
comment How to stop screen from dimming when watching video?
I think I liked this one better. Will try for a while. Thanks ;-)