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StackExchange enthusiast...trying hard to be a sharepoint enthusiast... Linux novice, but loving it... Mac veteran, best desktop of all.

I also like classical music, waiting for a StackClassic Exchange site.

comment Cannot access mounted .dmg over the network in Mountain Lion
I searched the net but with no results, and I am surprised no other has noticed this. I am using SSHFS and MacFuse to access the iMac, it works but I hope this feature will be restored.
comment Size of text in the new Retina MacBook Pros
Actually I found ( anandtech.com/show/5998/macbook-pro-retina-display-analysis ) that in Mac OSX you have a slider in the settings which you can set and decide if you want more space or bigger text. In any case I have to see it and try it before buying :)
comment Size of text in the new Retina MacBook Pros
Thanks a lot, also for posting the screenshot. I had some doubts because I saw an IPad 3 in a shop and in Safari it seemed to me that the text was much smaller with respect to the IPad 2.