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comment Health data duplicates
I don't have the app, but is there a loop where another app reads data or writes workout data so that you have a feedback effect? I've seen that on the workout section of, but I don't have a RunKeeper section to test. FWIW, Runmeter does not have this issue, but I understand a lot of people like the keeper app.
comment What do the Software Update options do?
When you press the question mark in the pref pane, it has definitive explanations of what the buttons do. Which specific line of text has you confused?
comment My keyboard can only produce 95 characters?
Consider helping us help you. Take a pass at editing this after you've read the help guide on how to be specific and show how your research didn't help you solve this dilemma. Specifically, can you document the 96 key standard or requirement so we don't end up like
comment Is this a new virus or adware/malware signature? How do I resolve this?
Just to really put a nail in the DNS coffin, if you open terminal app, list the IP address of two web hosts you are having issues surfing. Also, do the ads appear when using this site? host should get you and
comment Is it possible to have an iMac maintain target display mode even through sleep/screensaver
Will this be as simple as preventing sleep on the MacBook but having the screen locked? Have you tried that avenue?
comment Need help recovering MSFT Office for MAC 2011 Product Key
What's to prevent you from asking Microsoft for assistance in recovering the key from the backup? They probably have record of the sale or know best. Also, linking to the research you did helps us help you. See the help guide on how to be specific and show how your research didn't help you solve this dilemma.
comment Password at the star forgot
If you just want to reset the password, link to this article and explain exactly what step you fail at. If you want something else, edit the post so it's clear what you want to do? Wipe one account and keep the apps, wipe everything and start over, make a new admin account and leave the old one alone so you can remember the password later or connect to the internet so the current iCloud password works? There are far too many unknowns here to start to help you out.
comment OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) Custom Shutdown Screen/Behavior
@SadMarvin Best wishes for success in adapting to 10.10 changes :-) I'm sure much of the hard work is glossed over in your question.
comment OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) Custom Shutdown Screen/Behavior
Fair enough. I addressed briefly the eventual goal of not needing a shutdown in my answer. My premise is something is fundamentally wrong if you don't have a stable software stack and require power cycles more than when specifically detected or infrequently. It's not realistic to change overnight, but part of this pain is self-inflicted by not building a stack that is resilient in the face of routine operation.
comment How can I remove or hide the stocks app from Apple Watch?
@Ultra Yah - it's 1.0 so I understand cutting functionality and iterating. We'll see in time if they insist this app is crucial to the watch experience or let users personalize this aspect of the experience.
comment OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) Custom Shutdown Screen/Behavior
What's the real problem? Yes, users sleep the macs instead of shut them off. What happens hours or days later? What's the end goal? Why not have users restart the macs and then sleep them once the reboot finished?
comment My iPad camera roll says it is using 7.5 gb after all pics have been deleted for weeks
Please go ahead and make an answer how you solved things even if it just took time to clean itself up. That way you can accept your answer and people can know you don't still need more ideas.
comment I screwed up manually deleting TimeMachine backup
Are you trying to undo the move to trash or wipe the drive entirely?
comment Extract a tracking number from Mail app in mac and add it automatically to Parcel app
Did you look in the services menu to see if Parcels has one? I use deliveries and it has a service, so all I needed to do is assign it a keyboard shortcut in OS X keyboard preferences so I can select the tracking number or URL and press a key to get it ingested.
comment My Apple TV2 is powered up, no red light
Could you start with and let us know a few things. Carefully let us know the model and what step in the troubleshooting process has you stumped. Be sure to use correct symptoms. What red light do you expect? What is doing the controlling? What is "the main screen on the TV"?
comment Purge graphic memory?
Could you edit this to narrow down things? Some Mac have GPU that vary wildly in how their memory is configured. Heck, some Mac have more than one type of GPU or three. How are you measuring memory? (You could be running sysdiagnose against Final Cut or perhaps upload a screen image of Activity Monitor to show the CPU usage and memory usage when the Mac is fast and when it is slow.
comment What is wrong in this command about grepping and pandocing?
The command you listed doesn't work with just pandoc installed. You've not documented the minimum tools needed to reproduce this issue. Also, if you can specify what is broken about the pdf if you in fact don't get an empty line from the first half of the command. On 10.10 - I get everything to work except the missing pdflatex part that fails at the second invocation of pandoc
comment cannot locate app, locate not working
Also, on my MacBook with the 1.1 Ghz Core M processor that many are saying is too slow, the update command takes 2 seconds of wall time and one second of system time to execute. Unless you have a HDD with a very fragmented catalog file, it's odd for that command to take more than 5 minutes on most new hardware.
comment iPhone 5 cannot see campus network
@j0h Cool. The RSSI information will be helpful. Feel free to post a new question with those details if you need more help. Also, list the hardware the campus uses (meraki, aerohive, other...) and whether they use any custom settings. Most campus have a web article on how to connect, so linking to that will help us help you.
comment repair Filesystem from single user mode
What OS are you installing? If it has Recovery HD, you have more options. If it doesn't, you have the DVD to boot from and patch things up.