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comment Delete Yosemite? Find Mountain Lion? Post-Stroke Explanations, Please
Good advice. Especially get a backup hard drive now since you'll need it to roll back yosemite and having a back up is even more critical if doing Tech Work isn't going to be worth your energy for the near future.
comment To understand, consolidate & reduce the shown disk space taken up by iTunes & iphone?
Sorry - there's nothing clear in that image to me. But, I'm used to different OS and different visualization tools. If you edit the post explicitly, someone might have an answer. Your call if you feel that's worth your effort - there are 16 other eyes that have seen the post - perhaps in time someone will have a better solution.
reviewed No Action Needed How to pass keyboard hotkeys from VMWare Windows VM back to OSX host?
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reviewed Reviewed How do I encrypt an external drive with FileVault 2 in OSX Yosemite
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comment How do I keep track of the bandwidth usage through my Airport Extreme wireless router?
That is true @nomad33fw - the installer won't run, but you can bypass the installer and get it to function. Also - it's best to be specific what "latest" means. Some people have pre-release access and as the post ages - latest doesn't mean what it might mean today.
reviewed Reject Is it possible to chat with a Facebook group using Messages app on OS X Yosemite?
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comment Essential Networking Commands
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revised How do I add cells together on OS X numbers app
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answered How can i have iCal email me reminders
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comment How do I add cells together on OS X numbers app
There are iOS versions of numbers and OS X versions of numbers. We can help if you edit these details into the post. The cell needs to contain an actual number and the steps to check and change that vary. Or you could use a function to convert strings to numbers, again that depends on the version.
answered Find executables associated with Homebrew Formula
comment How to reset Calendar and Reminders on OS X Yosemite?
I'll answer how I would fix things - hopefully someone has a nice list to nuke all the data, but it depends on many factors. I've always found it easier to pick apart the issue and isolate one app or just set up a new user account rather than muck with undocumented clean up steps.
answered How to reset Calendar and Reminders on OS X Yosemite?
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revised Will apple allow code/scripts (ruby, python, lua…) downloaded as text, if it is parsed via webkit?
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