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Who am I?

I am a professional problem-solver with experience in programming (into any C based language), SQL, .NET, human motivation, engineering, project management, ERP, training, creativity, lateral thinking, deep research and much more. See my website for my free software and my online resume and my business website to see more about my micro-isv business. If you are looking to hire a guru, you're in the wrong place. I am a life-long, adaptive learner who has fun making things work in unexpected but highly efficient ways. My strength and my weakness is that I am overly focused (but sometimes that may be just what one needs).

What am I doing on SO?

In an attempt to leave the site and our world just a little bit better than I found it, I try to give complete solutions in each question or answer that I put forward.

Why I contribute to SO?

I believe that within each of us we have a tiny spark of the divine. It is up to us to make a choice to be more than who we are. We can change our world when we do so. With this in mind, I try to have a little fun each day.

My latest iOS apps in the iTunes App Store (many more in the pipeline):

  • Big City Hits (An event finder for things to do in New York City, NY)
  • NiHao! (A chinese grammar game puzzle)

Want to hire me?

Drop me an email, call, or fill out a form using info from one of the websites above.

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