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I'm using my competence in finance and art to create new groundbreaking financial solutions based on Luca Pacioli and Emerging Internet Technologies.

My first goal is to complety understand the inner functionality of general ledger API and services: I've been part of the Object Managment Groups General Ledger Faciity Standard and cooperated with SAP, Fujitsu, IAS, IBM through heading the EU ESPRIT project COMPASS. I was co-editor on Accounting Domain Patterns. Finally I contributed to the early stage of the OMG ARAP and OMG PARTY projects.

My second goal is to create useful tools which facilitate international accounting practices.

My third goal is to model all types of ERP functionality with General Ledger technology. I've succesfully done that with ARAP, invoice, budget and reinsurance.

Keeping a low profile.

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