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Linux and Unix software engineer for my sins. C and C++ programming my staples. Of all the languages used in the office I don't really get Perl. It's an impressive language for the scripting toolbox and has excellent performance but just not my cup of tea. It's not coherent enough for my liking.

I like animals - this is a picture of my cat Queenie. People have remarked on how similar we look - the main difference being one of us lacks long whiskers and pointy ears. Aren't those ears magnificent? They should be featured in Hello magazine. I don't know why pets are fed pet food. It really is quite vile and is probably harmful to the environment. It's not fit for landfill and the risks of packing it in a rocket to discard into space are too scary to contemplate.

Otherwise into fashion and wearing nice clothes - not into shabby wear - yuk! Some of my colleagues' dress sense - well let's not go there. A while ago a colleague used to wear ski socks pulled over his trouser knees. He now works for a global auction and shopping site. My boss bless him really should have said something. Still life would be too boring if we were all the same. Anyhow watching models parade the catwalk wearing creations from the most talented designers is an amazing experience.