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Anselm Urban

Anselm Urban is a web designer and developer from Görlitz, Germany. Since 2010 he has been design­ing web­sites. It is his pas­sion to cre­ate not only web­sites that look good but are beau­ti­ful by func­tion­al­ity. He works on sev­eral pro­jects, some of his own, some for cli­ents.

Anselm recently fin­ished his A-levels and will study Computer Science at the University of Applied Sciences in his homet­own Görlitz. Currently, he is avail­able for hire, so if you have some­thing to do for him, send him an email.

You should definitely check out Anselm’s Blog ❮/❯ All things web design and development

Some of his projects:

  • Frontend BUZZ: A daily newsletter for front-end devs and designers. Subscribe now to get the 5 best links every day
  • HTML5Sites: A curated gallery of sites about HTML5