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Node.js and Appcelerator Titanium I dance with most days. I have vast experience in developing websites with AngularJS, Node.js, ExpressJS, and MongoDB. In the not so distant past much of work was in PHP on sites using Zend Framework, Magento, Drupal, jQuery, and MySQL.

A rabid user of Vim.

See http://goscouter.com for my latest creation.

Just an ordinary guy, living in extraordinary times.

comment Is there a way to start the Terminal with a keyboard short cut?
I have to agree, I've switched from QuickSilver to Alfred (with their PowerPack) and have not looked back. It's faster, integrates well, and is being developed pretty rapidly.
comment How do I turn off multitouch zoom in Safari?
In the past I've used Multiclutch for this, but Multiclutch is 32bit and doesn't seem to work on Snow Leopard. There doesn't seem to be viable replacement at this time.
comment How do I turn off multitouch zoom in Safari?
but that turns it off for all applications. I would just like it turned off for Safari.