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I am a software architect by trade and a coder/hacker by compulsion. I've worked on projects large and small, and have experience in more languages than I care to count (Java, ActionScript, Objective-C, JavaScript, C, C++, HTML, CSS, Velocity, SQL, Php, Bash, Perl, and probably others) and a number of different functional domains (concurrency/multiprogramming, build and test automation, server administration, team and project management, high-level design and architecture, etc.).

Notable open-source contributions include matchbook, a platform-agnostic matchmaking service, API, and SDK for mobile applications (think multi-platform real-time gaming), a thread-safe wrapper for Apple's Core Data framework, and a screen-capture utility for iOS.

I've also self-published a book about self-publishing books, and a comic reader app for the iPhone. I maintain and occasionally update a blog about various topics that I happen to find interesting or noteworthy.

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comment In Mail.app 6.0, is there a way to drag-select parts of message bodies?
Confirmed. Quitting Mail (right-click in dock -> Quit) and then restarting it made the problem go away. Note that rebooting the computer without quitting mail does not fix the problem.
comment Xcode 4.6 not installing on my Mountain Lion
When I tried this the only button that appeared in the "Xcode 4.6" section was a "View in Mac App Store" button. To get the direct download I had to follow the "View All Downloads" link in the "Additional Downloads" section. That brought up a list of available downloads, which included Xcode 4.6.