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I'm Dave, and I love Objective-C.

My Projects:

  • DDMathParser - a library for parsing NSString objects as mathematical expressions and evaluating them
  • CHCSVParser - a library for reading and writing CSV files
  • DDUnitConverter - a simple library for converting between units

If you think I'm a nice guy, check out my Amazon Wishlist! :)

My answers and opinions expressed here are my own and do not represent my employer's views in any way.

comment Which OS X Applications do you find indispensable?
+1 if you don't want to fork over the cash for BBEdit, TextWrangler is a fantastic alternative, with all of the basic (yet extremely powerful) text editing tools you'll need.
comment Can anyone recommend a programmers' editor?
+1 BBEdit is the only thing I use for non-Cocoa programming. Of the posters requests, the only thing it doesn't have is Git integration.