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comment Why does software update re check after updates are installed when you show updates
I can understand the subsequent check for any new updates that may be unlocked but it only does the second check if you click show details on the first check. If you just click install no subsequent check is run.
comment Can't use “Back to My Mac” screen sharing using iCloud ID in Lion
What router are you using and who is your ISP? I know with uVerse Back to My Mac won't work.
comment Is there a way to improve the quality of the cached images Safari uses for forward/back swiping?
I can confirm on 2011 MacBook Pro both on the color LCD and when connected to my 27" ACD. It's very noticeable on text links that use the default light blue like on the Apple Community Support Forums. The text appears blurry until the page reloads.
comment Remove duplicates from contextual menus
Perfect it worked. I just unmounted my rescue volumes and the duplicates are gone.
comment Wacom Bamboo - no pressure sensivity
@Nathan I updated the answer with the screen short for the Bamboo. It doesn't have the pressure meter but gives instructions on how to set the sensitivity.
comment Where are the Thunderbolt components?
Very true. I have mine plugged into a 27" Cinema Display. I just felt like I was mislead into thinking I would be able to use Thunderbolt to connect 2 displays and an external drive to the port. (It's coming soon)
comment What should I do when Apple Support fails to diagnose iPad 3G Failure?
Man what an ordeal. Also ironic that I'm reading this whole thing on a 3g iPad2 that I spent 3 1/2 hours waiting in line for today. The whole buying experience at an Apple store really left a bad taste in my mouth. They just leave people waiting while they take their time and chat with each other then have the attitude they are doing you a favor by selling it to you. Hope I never have a problem with any of this expensive hardware.
comment Manage local emails on two Mac computers
On the POP 3 settings there is a check box to choose whether or not to leave a copy of the messages on the mail server. I find it very secure as long as you select force https in the settings. It's not like Yahoo where accounts get hacked all the time. Google does save archives but they don't use them for anything unless subpoenaed by a court of law.
comment How do I get the American Flag back on my menu bar?
Thank you. So it really like a menu that lets you switch between the two input languages.
comment Which 13" MacBook Pro 2011 is right for me?
I did the same thing and got the cheapest as my first mac and upgraded the ram to 8Gb. It's actually faster than my Windows 7 desktop with an overclocked quad core.