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I've spent most of my life so far making art, playing in bands, and working day jobs. In 2012 I decided to devote a few years to learning some code. I currently work freelance in Los Angles, Ca doing front endy stuff and other things like content strategy and project coordination. I dig code / sound / light

I never know who I'm dealing with on here - so - just so you know: I am currently a full time web developer. My native language is American English, and I am 32 years old. I prefer the Oxford comma. Commas are for pauses. Sound it out. Beyond that - I love dashes, and my sentence structure is built with rhythm in mind. If you want to spend your time correcting my grammar, that's ok with me.

Keep it fun. That is the whole point, isn't it?


I haven't put anything on my site in over a year. All of my recent work is internal.