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comment Keyboard backlit light control from command line
Not sure whether this will still work (and don't have time to check), but there's some code here:
comment Got any tips or tricks for Terminal in Mac OS X?
man -k dtrace is also useful; most if not all of these utilities have man pages.
comment What tiny thing in Lion makes you smile or has caught you off guard?
A practical example of aspect ratio resizing: you're viewing a page in Preview and want to make it smaller/bigger. With "Zoom to Fit", you can Shift-drag a corner/edge, rather than having to zoom in/out followed by zooming the window, and there'll be no wasted space around the outside of the page.
comment Can an iPad be charged faster with a third party power adapter?
The current iPad charger is 5.2 V/2.4 A (12 W); the original charger was 5.1 V/2.1 A (10 W). The Retina iPads have a much larger battery and take a lot longer to charge as a result, as the charging speed has not increased proportionally. You can see pictures of both of them here: (I'm not sure if the iPad 1/2/mini will benefit from the 2.4 A charger.)
comment Is there any way to change the output filename for qlmanage?
Nope (I addressed this in my the first sentence of my response). Apple has 3 different Office importers/exporters: the doc/docx I/O in Cocoa Text (which is what textutil uses), the iWork importers/exporters (*Compatibility.framework, which you'll find in the bundles of each iWork app), and the Quick Look/iOS previewers (the private OfficeImport.framework). The latter two share quite a bit of code, and tend to be more robust/capable because they support the iWork feature set rather than just that of Cocoa Text.
comment Interesting Mac OS X error
When you have verbose mode enabled you get verbose kernel panics too instead of the "you must restart your computer" screen. (Older versions of Mac OS X always panicked this way.) Certainly, at the least you should contact Rogue Amoeba.