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Computer Science student at Aarhus University, Denmark.

I love learning things.

comment how to stop password popups
Possible related: Why does OS X Lion ask for my password whenever I delete a file in my home directory?
comment Using a wireless printer with an iPad
Which printer are you using? Are you sure it supports AirPrint? Have you tried the AirPrint Setup and Troubleshooting at Apple.com?
comment If I'm an Apple iOS developer, can I do iOS upgrades, downgrades within the registered devices?
@PedroTiagoPereira: Most developers try to keep multiple devices around, with various versions of iOS. Marco Arment (of Instapaper and The Magazine) talks about this in episode 69 of his podcast Build&Analyze. chpwn (creator of some iOS jailbreaks) has also written a blogpost on this topic. Unfortunately there is not much a single indie developer without many resources can do.