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TL;DR: I love God, my family, my friends, a "real job", and tattoos. Passionate about Ruby, Ruby on Rails, jQuery, Capistrano, nginx, tattoos, Linodes, good Apple products, good beer, good jazz... Did I mention tattoos?

TL;BIWRA (but I will read anyway):

In an ordered list:

  1. I am a Believer.
  2. I am a husband.
  3. I am a father.
  4. I am a son.
  5. I am a friend.
  6. I am a teacher.
  7. I am a leader.
  8. I am addicted to tattoos.
  9. I am a tweeter.
  10. I am many other things that I'm not thinking about right now.
  11. I am a software developer who loves my "real job".

A "real job" is not:

  1. One that expects you to have an active Github account in order to obtain it.
  2. One that expects you to work a specific number of hours per week, especially when it's greater than 25% of a 7-day week.
  3. One that works out of a building where everyone congregates 5 days a week, behind closed doors or tall cubes, and has more than zero recurring, scheduled meetings per week (if you are a cause of this last situation, please see: Jason Fried's talk).

A "real job":

  1. Does not feel like work, but feels like changing the world for the better.
  2. Promotes lively, open discussions through mediums that are not meeting rooms.
  3. Has leaders, not "bosses" or "management" or other titles which are only good for getting your next non-"real job".
  4. Wants you to stand up to those described in the previous item (#3) and be heard, because true leaders do not know everything.

Questions? Find my e-mail on my resume at chrisweilemann.com/resume

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