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comment How do I disable this message: “the disk was not ejected properly”?
@dermike EXCEPT ... the problem is ... There is literally zero risk of that happening most of the time: Apple currently pops up the mesage in ALL cases, including the ones where there have been zero writes since the disk was inserted. You can't corrupt data if you have no data!
comment Disable swapping on Yosemite
@Tetsujin: 2 reasons. 1. Apple incorrectly uses hard disk for swap, even when there's literally no need (e.g. telling apps there's infinite VM while running on Apple's own small SSDs - where it's better if you tell the truth about limited RAM/VM to start with). 2. Apple since Mountain Lion incorrectly uses 100% of hard disk space for swap, which breaks OS X itself (and many apps), and there's NOTHING you can do to prevent this major bug, except disable swap.
comment How do I delete a BootCamp partition using Terminal's diskutil?
As noted, this won't work if you're booted into normal OS X (you can't edit a drive you're using). iMacs have a major hardware defect where the DVD drive often breaks after only a few uses, so ... I couldn't boot from the official DVD. Obviously the Recovery Partition was no good either - but downloading Apple's "USB Recovery Disk creator" app, and booting from that, did the trick --
comment How do I turn off App Store notifications in Mountain Lion
It's extreme, but it stops a bunch of problems (Apple sometimes spams your internet connection - I've had periods where Apple re-checks this state every 30 seconds, causing problems when you're trying to use your machine for anything CPU+b/w intensive (e.g. distributed builds).