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comment How do I delete a BootCamp partition using Terminal's diskutil?
As noted, this won't work if you're booted into normal OS X (you can't edit a drive you're using). iMacs have a major hardware defect where the DVD drive often breaks after only a few uses, so ... I couldn't boot from the official DVD. Obviously the Recovery Partition was no good either - but downloading Apple's "USB Recovery Disk creator" app, and booting from that, did the trick -- support.apple.com/downloads/DL1433/en_US/RecoveryDiskAssistant.dmg
comment How do I turn off App Store notifications in Mountain Lion
It's extreme, but it stops a bunch of problems (Apple sometimes spams your internet connection - I've had periods where Apple re-checks this state every 30 seconds, causing problems when you're trying to use your machine for anything CPU+b/w intensive (e.g. distributed builds).