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For some years, I've had to use Linux in an academic setting and also fiddled around with the BSD-style Unix on OS X. Recently a friend and long-time Linux user convinced me to take the plunge and use Linux full-time.

I enjoy using Ubuntu (sans Unity) and think open-source software will, and should, play a more dominant role in normal people's lives, but I am far from a Linux advocate. Or to put it another way, I'm more like a Linus than a Stallman.

I like using the Awesome window-manager. Many questions about Awesome can be resolved by perusing a more experienced user's rc.lua file, so here's mine, and hopefully it will resolve some of your questions.

comment Mavericks unusually high RAM usage
It might be the apps you're using in particular that might be slow if they're optimized for the last version of OS X. I'd try running comparisons on Apple apps like Safari.