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comment “File Open” dialog is missing sidebar items
There's a bigger problem somewhere. My sidebar is missing all drives, volumes, and the computer itself. All but the computer are selected for display in Finder preferences (and originally the computer was too). If I reactivate the computer's visibility using the checkbox, the setting is ignored and the checkbox clears itself. Sometimes it'll clear itself while the prefs dialog is still open. Finder = wholly defective
comment How to export a slo-mo video with the slow motion intact and without losing quality?
You should be able to change FPS tag on the file from 120 or whatever it is to 30 or whatever you want. Then any application would play it back in slow motion. Unfortunately, I haven't found a tool to do this. I tried "Lossless Frame Rate Converter", and it doesn't even interpret the original file's frame rate correctly. Interestingly, the QT movie inspector shows the FPS from my iPhone 6 as 190.25.
comment Remove seconds of silence at end of GarageBand exports
The "draggable cursor" at the upper right of the timeline's end is hidden behind the horizontal zoom control. Great UI from Apple.
comment Please share your hidden OS X features or tips and tricks
Cmd + Shift + V makes a hell of a lot more sense than Apple's ridiculous "claw" hotkey.
comment Is there a way to fix these scratches on my MacBook Pro's screen?
"This is a design flaw that has existed in their laptops at least as far back as the PowerBook G4." AMEN. There is no excuse for this defect. Those PowerBooks actually destroyed their own LCDs over time, causing green hot pixels wherever the keys crushed the screen.