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comment Allow read-write access to subdirectory in first local account to second local account
+1 because it's workable, but I'd like to keep the subdirectory under ~work/ for reasons related to backup, etc. The Sharing & Permission settings for /Users/Shared are instructive.
comment Open ports. Safe?
How did you scan his mac? (I would like to scan mine.)
comment Steganographic key ring
@myhd thanks for the link to 1Password. It looks like another key ring app for iPhone to me, perhaps more feature rich than the one I'm using, but not fundamentally different. I.e. unless you can elaborate a bit more on those several reasons that make the latter inferior in your view ... BTW, in order to trust any key ring more substantially, I would have to see its cryptographic spec: at present specs are unknown for both existing apps.
comment Steganographic key ring
Graham Miln, thanks for your reply. Well, these are normal steganographic tools, and I am aware of their existence. They are not steganographic key rings, though. One could presumably use them approx. as such by managing account information inside a plain text file, say, but what I'm looking for a specialized application that offers more convenience, like a key ring app typically does. So it's about integrating steganography and key ring behavior.
comment Steganographic key ring
@patrix, thanks for your reply. I am aware of the limitations of security through obscurity, this is why I would also like to encrypt the key ring, as mentioned (i.e. security through cryptography plus obscurity, a somewhat common technique). And yes, of course I have searched the app store prior to posting the question.