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comment How to restore individual files from TM backup after clean install?
If the drive is mounted, just use the chown command - "sudo chown -R <current username> *" in "/Volumes/<time machine drive name>" - no need to mess around with recreating users.
comment How to restore individual files from TM backup after clean install?
The stop sign is a permission issue. Is your current user an administrator? I would expect the OS to ask for an administrator's password, then allow access. If not, change the permissions - superuser.com/a/430044/39503 is a good answer.
comment Mac Mini 2011 - monitor wakes up messed up
I have a similar issue with a Dell 2713HM and late 2009 mini, through the Apple display port->dual-link DVI adapter. Though the adapter is the latest version 1.03 (was replaced at Apple store) it still seems to have issues. In my case it occasionally boots up at 800x720 resolution... If you are also using the dual-link adapter I think that's just the way it is.
comment Is there a quick way to lock my Mac?
The hot corner is a great quick way to do it. There are one or two pranksters in my office; flicking to the hot corner restricts their options to the old sticky tape on the mouse sensor trick, rather than changing acceleration curves or inverting colors etc...
comment Change the mouse wheel scrolling acceleration
I bought SteerMouse. As a developer I am happy to support another developer who makes my experience better. Open Source is a fine idea, but sometimes you just need one guy with a vision.
comment How do I transfer my Disney Digital Copy movie to iTunes using Lion?
Thanks Chris, I am sure I will be coming back to this one.
comment How can I browse WWDC session videos directly on my iOS device or AppleTV?
Streaming I don't know about since I always do "view in iTunes" and then download, I usually watch session videos on public transport so would rather not do it over 3G.
comment Tips on avoiding “Could not activate cellular data network” with New iPad
Since the 5.1.1 update this has not occurred again although I have been trying to make it happen, to gather data for the radar issue I filed.
comment Synchronise/Merge MP3 collections without duplication or huge copies
iCloud is taking care of this, mostly. It's worth a bounty in case anyone has a really clever solution. Is there some Mac-based deduplication technology that could help? (and this could also apply to images)
comment Nook Comics on iPad?
My answer is no, not without breaking DRM. It's a shame but that's DRM - paidcontent.org/2012/04/24/breaking-drm-publishing-exec - if I buy it I need to know I can un-DRM it, because it is very unlikely I'll read exclusively on a Nook for the rest of my life.
comment How can I preserve the battery cycles on my MacBook Air?
"Don't stress" - excellent advice.
comment Airport extreme base station won't turn on
Do you have a meter to test the AEBS power supply with? There's a chance it is the power supply shutting down and removing it from the wall could allow it to reset its overload protection (if it has any) and bring it back to life.
comment Is it true that any external hard drive made for the PC, can be used by a Mac running Lion?
Other problems with FAT32 - 32GB maximum partition size, inefficient storage (files occupy more space than they should) due to cluster allocation method, also they use ugly uppercase names in Finder. If you must have the widest compatibility it is best but has some disadvantages.
comment Detect single-user mode from the command line
If that's consistent Scot, it might be very convenient!
comment Can anyone recommend a programmers' editor?
BBEdit is great, I'm not an advanced user but it solves problems for me that TextMate and Xcode can't. Try opening multi-megabyte files of raw data in TextMate... (which I bought first)
comment Should I buy Ram memory DDR3 1066MHz for Mac mini (Mid 2011)?
Really, any will work fine? Apple says support.apple.com/kb/HT4805 - that's 1333MHz they specify and not 1066MHz. Any retailer yes, as I also said, IF you're prepared to do the research and be absolutely sure.
comment Tips on avoiding “Could not activate cellular data network” with New iPad
I would have thought I had any required setting but could try it again I suppose. I did sync to restore my old iPad's backup data to the new one.
comment Tips on avoiding “Could not activate cellular data network” with New iPad
Hold top and home buttons until white apple appears. Don't know who is down voting you, not me!
comment 2 instances of Xcode installed?
Don't delete the /Developer folder - run the script and let it uninstall itself first. Most times on a Mac I agree you can just trash the folder but not this time.
comment Are Apple keyboards multi-key rollover?
I don't believe any USB keyboard can achieve true n-key rollover. If you take a PS/2 keyboard that is, and give it a USB converter to make it work on your Mac, then it isn't! It's a USB limitation.