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comment How to put main library on an external disk?
That's not possible.
comment How to fix “xvinfo: Unable to open display /private/tmp/…/org.macosforge.xquartz:0” error?
I'd follow the good brew doctor's advice and update XQuartz first.
comment update OSX Yosemite & cksum mismatch
@LarryJohn is your PATH not set correctly? Try /usr/bin/shasum /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ instead. Sounds like you have an issue with your PATH environment variable.
comment How do I enable Personal Hotspot in the OS X WiFi menu?
Under System Preferences > Sharing is Internet Sharing enabled on your Macbook Air?
comment What are the differences between Applescripts saved as *.scpt and *.applescript?
"Since .scpt is already compiled, it's quicker to launch" -- really? What's it compiled in to? Byte code? Has anyone ever done a study of run time differences between compiled AppleScript and non-compiled AppleScript on modern Apple hardware?
comment Simple telnet session fails on OS X
@Cupidvogel how to run a mail server would be a separate question. Thanks!
comment Terminal: limit my bandwidth
This is hard to answer the way it has been asked. Downloading from what? A specific site? Using a specific protocol? All inbound traffic on a specific interface? Maybe you can describe your problem instead of asking for a specific solution?
comment Audio meter tool?
@DerekDahmer ugh. Yea. I've asked Orban about an update.
comment How to install eyeD3 on OSX?
Sometimes it's the little things we miss...nice catch.
comment Can I sell software with in-app purchases via the Mac App Store?
Can you give an example of a Mac App Store (not an OS X app store) app that has IAP?
comment Installed App with Brew Cask Over Existing Install, Did it Remove the Old App Files?
@Shwaydogg yes, that's how you install globally instead of just for you.
comment How do I get iTunes to play all music from a specific year?
@newawryzen no problem. If this answer solves your problem there's a green checkmark right below to the up and down vote buttons -- just press the checkmark to "accept" this as the correct answer so anyone else who happens upon this problem in the future knows that this is what solved it for you. Thanks!
comment Export iTunes music library information (album, artist, track names) to CSV or spreadsheet format?
This could be a really interesting answer to the problem but it suffers from: 1) a lack of example output that shows specificallly how it answer the question being asked; and 2) instructions for how you would use it on a Mac (remember, this is an Apple site and iTunes runs on both Windows and Apple machines). If you added some more detail you might find you're not attracting down votes.
comment mysql: command not found
It's generally not the case that dmg-based installers on OS X modify your PATH. There's a very "don't do unexpected things to user's environments" ethos to installer packages on OS X.
comment How can I bypass Activation Lock?
Rolled back, locked and created a room to talk this out:…
comment How do I install and run MySQL?
If you can't install Homebrew on a machine you won't have sufficient permissions to install a pkg-based application and run MySQL as a daemon, so your point is moot. In any case, you've made your point and posted your answer. Your dislike of Homebrew for managing packages is noted.
comment How to install tofrodos in Yosemite via Homebrew?
The commands are related -- they use a shared library to do OS line ending translation on files. It's very common to package multiple, related commands in to a package like this -- has been as long as I've been a *nix user now...some 25 years now. But really, if you have a problem with what tofrodos contains, you're welcome to submit a patch that breaks the package up:
comment Why do the Image Capture Extension and softwareupdated processes consume so much memory?
Welcome to Ask Different! You've posted this as an answer, which is only for things that directly answer the question asked. Please take a look at the help section for more info. If you can't find a question and answer that solves your problem, consider asking a new question. Thanks. As this is not a direct answer to the question being asked it will attract down votes for not being an answer.
comment Editing an Mailbox configuration file
On hold pending additional information. It sounds like you're corrupting the settings file when you edit it; making invalid edits. What's the app, what edits are you trying to make to the file? The question really appears to be more about how you make valid file edits for this application and less about ST2.
comment Any way to reboot a iDevice that is connected to a USB port via terminal (Mac terminal)?
This site is about Apple hardware -- the OP is asking how you can do this from the command line of an OS X-equipped machine, not an machine running Ubuntu.