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comment how to quickly reboot from OSX to Windows and back
@noelicus Yes, right click the bootcamp icon and pick Reboot in OS X. It may be interesting to know that since this original post I have moved away from bootcamp to parallels (which on a late 2013 iMac (32GB ram, 3TB fusion etc...) it's really a much better environment. Now just a two finger swipe back and forth between the two Operating systems.
comment How to script “add to iTunes Library”
OK, I'm liking this idea. I didn't know about the "Add to iTunes automatically" folder. Would there be a way to present this folder as a link in the DMG such that the user could drag and drop the files in the DMG to that folder easily. For example, many software products that ship as a DMG have a link to the Applications folder, and the user just drags the package icon to the link and they're done.
comment How to navigate iTunes with the Apple IR Remote
Apparently not after updating to iTunes 10.4, but thanks.
comment How to navigate iTunes with the Apple IR Remote
Perhaps I'm mistaken, but Plex looks like an ITunes alternative, which is not what I'm looking for. I have all my media already tucked away in the iTunes Library, which FrontRow was aware of.
comment How are the sound effects in Final Cut Pro licensed?
This seems like very dangerous advice -1
comment Camtasia, Screenflow, or “Other?”
Odd that the Camtasia-Mac version is $99 and the Windows version is $299. I wonder what you get for the extra $200.
comment How do I get the latest drivers for boot camp and windows 7
Then why all the fuss about making sure you're got the lastest BootCamp 3.1 before attempting to install Windows 7?