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comment Am I allowed to request donations in an iOS App?
All financial stuff needs to go through the App Store either as the initial app purchase, in-app purchase or subscription. Apple will take its 30% off the top. Marco Arment has successfully implemented a 'tip jar' in one of his apps (I don't remember which one) which allows users to make donations but these go through Apple who take their cut. There is no way to include direct Paypal payments as far as I know.
comment Keynote 6.6: How can I make an object wider by animation, but not higher
Looks like it can't do it. Maybe overlaying a black bar (or whatever your background colour is) over the top and bottom of the shape would be good enough? This wouldn't actually scale the text but the background to the text would appear to just be resizing horizontally.
comment Any backup software for OS X other then Time Machine?
You could also take a look at SuperDuper! and Carbon Copy Cloner I've used both but settled on SuperDuper as it does everything I need with a very simple UI
comment Moving from Stanza to another eBook reader on my iPad Air
I still use stanza by choice on my air2 having tried every reader I could find (it never crashes). I also sometimes use Bluefire Reader and Kobo. I always use iTunes Sharing to copy in epubs.
comment Which upgrades to my iMac 2011 will improve performance the most?
I'd second what Tetsujin says although if you already have 20gb ram then I'd go for the ssd first. Couple of years ago I upgraded a 2010 iMac with an internal ssd and it was fairly straightforward. Huge speed difference. I now have a retina iMac and I don't think it's any faster!
comment Mac crashing multiple times a day
Virtualbox has installed a kernel extension which has root access to your mac. Any 3rd party kernel extensions should be suspect if you are crashing frequently as a kosher Mac does not crash in my experience. If the microsoft keyboard requires no additional driver and uses the supplied apple drivers then it's probably fine - if it installs a driver then I'd remove the driver and see where that gets you.
comment Mac crashing multiple times a day
First thing to look for when a Mac crashes is anything installed by microsoft. I'd uninstall anything relating to the "Microsoft® 2.4GHz Transceiver v7.0" (whatever that is). I'd also look into the 'virtualbox' kernel extensions.
comment Dock Icons cannot be edited in OS X Yosemite
You don't need any chrome extensions or sticky keys. Drag an icon far enough away from the Dock and you'll get the word 'remove' above it. Let it go and it will disappear. Drag an item sideways in the Dock and it will shuffle other items around as they are rearranged. If this is not happening then something has happened to your install of OSX and you might think about a clean re-install. The fact that you are entering Terminal commands and deleting prefs files would suggest that maybe you need to take a couple of steps back.
comment Mac has lost its Dock and menu bar
If finder is not running then something has been removed from the system folder or the startup routines have been corrupted. I'd say reinstall the OS and make sure that user doesn't have admin access unless they know what not to do. I've used Macs and Unix for 30 years and haven't seen this. Comparing it to Windows is like comparing fish to golf balls.
comment How to react on Appstore rejection of screenshots?
I suggest you create screenshots without Apple's icons on them - that appears to be what they're objecting to. Could you not create icons that look somewhat like Apple's ones without actually copying them?
comment Incorrectly playing output sound into microphone when using earbuds
It's one of two things then. Either there's a short inside the port (a short is something bridging two points which should be isolated from each other), or it's something happening in software. If it's a short then I'd try getting a look inside with a magnifying glass and a light or else turn everything off and try a toothpick and a compressed air canister on it. To test the software side of things you could create a new user and see if the problem persists. Beyond this I'd suggest an Apple Store. (And Buscar, headphones can work as a rudimentary mic, the principles are the same)
comment Incorrectly playing output sound into microphone when using earbuds
Perhaps you have some dirt in your audio socket? Or else maybe you have a faulty pair of earbuds.
comment Any downside to using multiple mail and calendar apps on iOS?
No downside. Either the apps will use the system's shared calendars and/or mail accounts or they will be accessing remote accounts such as a gmail account.
comment Motu 828 firewire with Maverick
I have an 828 mk2 which worked perfectly in mavericks and now works perfectly in yosemite - as the above posters suggest, go to and download the latest drivers
comment Difference in performance between iOS devices
If your game is graphics intensive the larger screen of the mini would have an impact on performance.
comment iPad battery level doesn't increase when in use while charging
iPads need a fair bit more power than standard USB ports are able to dole out. If you are using multiple USB devices, using a hub, or plugging in to the keyboard then you will only get a trickle. To get a full charge you need to use the iPad's suplied wall-wart or else get a powered USB hub than has a higher rated output.
comment How to synchronize contents of two external drives?
@Szabolcs Yes it does, I use it to keep an exact copy of folders from my hard drive over an ethernet connection to my wife's computer. If I delete files then sync they are deleted on her computer as well. You also get a preview of what files will be copied and which ones will be deleted before you commit to it.
comment How to access the full capacity of hard drives larger than 2TB with OS X Yosemite?
As @tubedogg has pointed out, any Mac User can access drives larger than 2TB, the question you should be asking is whether a Mac can access a Windows formatted drive greater than 2TB.
comment What files do I need to remove to wipe every trace of iTunes from my Mac filesystem?
Perhaps you need to explain your problem. Why do you need to 'delete every possible file'? What problem are you encountering when just reinstalling iTunes?
comment What info does a Mac broadcast and how to hide it?
Little Snitch might help