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I've worked in SAS research and development since joining SAS in 1989. My current position is Principal API Architect, where I work on our (REST) API strategy, standards, processes, tools, and development. My interests include concurrent programming, the art and practice of making software better, stronger, faster, collaboration, MediaWiki, and on and on, and even rarely blog about same. I hack in GNU Emacs (constantly), MediaWiki (daily), Eclipse (from time to time).

comment Does this Mini DisplayPort to HDMI connector output audio?
@DragonFax Sometimes I get audio, sometimes not. I don't know why.
comment Disable App Update Notifications on OSX?
I am admin on my MBA, I want to get notifications. My wife is not at admin and I'd like to disable App Store updates and notification for her login. Any way to disable notification for non-admin users?
comment Does this Mini DisplayPort to HDMI connector output audio?
I got a Mini DisplayPort to HDMI cable fro Amazon; customer comments there said it worked for audio, but for my 2011 MBA, I get no audio to my LG TV HDMI input (I tried several different input HDMI ports on the TV). Video works fine. The OS X Sound applet shows the LG TV for sound output (HDMI) is selected, but says "The selected device has no output controls". How did you get audio to work?
comment Is there a Mac OSX equivalent of zenity?
thanks- that's just what I need.
comment How can I send smtp mail via gmail and osx Lion mailx?
Do you mean "OS X Server"? Or is there a specific mail server app?