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I like to computer.

When I computer I often:

  • use a Mac and make it do strange, twisted, power-usery things much to the chagrin of my Mac using friends
  • tear out my hair trying to do any sort of development in Autodesk Maya
  • create animation software and maybe even figure out a new algorithm for something interesting
  • write software for graphical and multi-touch analysis
  • make mouse gestures or multi-touch gestures do cool things
  • work on a fun game

comment How to launch a GUI application in another user's graphical session?
Oddly enough, the app's dock icon appears in foo's session, but the app window appears in bar's. So that doesn't seem to work, but good suggestion. Unfortunately, there's no guarantee that secure login is enabled in the situation I need this, which is for an installer.
comment How do I prevent my iPhone from getting alerts when using Messages on my Mac?
Yes. I hadn't thought of using different accounts, but I'd like to be able to receive messages sent to me on both devices, otherwise I might miss something, or my friends will get confused about which one to use.
comment Spotlight is broken on my main partition in OS X 10.7.4
I did try deleting /.Spotlight-V100 and rebuilding the index (mentioned it in my original post), but it didn't work. On a few occasions the Spotlight index would start rebuilding for a few minutes, but then stop and remain broken. I'm currently dealing with this problem by doing a completely fresh, empty hard drive install of OS X 10.8.1 because I see little alternative at this point. But thanks for the suggestion.
comment Spotlight is broken on my main partition in OS X 10.7.4
It looks like Spotless is a (rather nice) front end for mdutil. Unfortunately, it gave me an error any time I tried to enable or disable indexing on my system volume, so no luck. Thanks for the suggestion.