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comment Using Touch ID with Amazon App
Umm. The Amazon Appstore is their Android app store that competes with Google Play, and has no bearing on iOS.
comment Is there a Mac OS X Terminal version of the “free” command in Linux systems?
@zhermes - The smallest unit of memory usable by the system... in the case of x86 and PPC Macs, this is 4k. Pages free are the number of 4k units of memory free.
comment USB Thumb Drive on hub will not mount automatically
The process is thus: 1) Eject the disks, and wait for them to disappear from the finder tray, 2) Unplug the hub, display, ethernet and power 3) Close the lid to put it into sleep mode. I generally plug everything back in before opening the MacBook the following morning. Putting the Mac to sleep, and then unplugging and then plugging the hub back in before waking it results in a warning about removing the drive without ejecting, and the drive remains unmounted. (USB HDD mounts in all cases - it's just the thumb drive giving me fits.) I just tried it without the hub, and same deal.
comment Cross-Platform Password Management
1Password requires a plaintext export from inside KeePass - it cannot read or import a .kdb file.
comment Cross-Platform Password Management
@Max, Richard, da4 - We're keeping track of departmental equipment logins, not personal logins, and we have engineers on all three platforms. We're trying to decide on a password file format to keep in our version control system. (We have a near zero budget for this, no fancy web applications, alack.) - most of the OSS password managers work spiffy on windows and Linux both - just not on the Mac.