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comment As a user with multiple monitors attached to my Mac, how does it select which one a new window is opened on?
What version of OS X?
comment When can they use ESC to close windows?
The examples the OP gave, namely most preferences windows in apps, the Fonts panel, Help Viewer.app's main window, aren't implemented as modal dialogs; rather, they are instances of NSPanel, which automatically receive this "Escape key causes panel to close" behavior.
comment How can I show the “Dimension” column in Finder?
Well, I +1'd you, so you're now able to post "inline" images...
comment Why can't you create/open multiple instances of iTunes?
I was going to suggest that it was the presence of the LSMultipleInstancesProhibited key set to true in the Info.plist inside the application bundle, but iTunes doesn't appear to have that set. Launch Services may hard-wired to to look for the com.apple.iTunes CFBundleIdentifier and not allow a second instance. You could try changing that manually in a second copy of the app bundle to see if it allowed it to launch. But I'd make backup copies of your library database beforehand. :-)
comment Are all pictogram fonts broken in Lion?
Hey Tom! This one's right up your alley. (This is MarkDouma® from Apple Discussions).
comment Clear thumbnails for renamed files
@sorens: The app is Resorcerer, a Power-PC-only resource editor: mathemaesthetics.com/ResorcererInfo.html They have a demo at mathemaesthetics.com/download/Res24OSXDemo.sit (warning: .sit Stuffit archive).
comment Add an up button to the Lion Finder?
That Command-Up Arrow shortcut has been around for ages. Even before OS X, I believe...
comment Any app on mac os x can hide icons on menu bar?
@Bavarious: yes, the menus on the left side of the menu bar always take priority over status menu items, and if there are enough menus, the status items will be removed to make room for them. I was aware of this, but considered that an "indirect" (and automatic) way to hide status menu items...
comment Strange font behavior with external monitors on MacBook
No need to restart; you just need to relaunch the apps in question.
comment Can Steam games be available to the Guest account?
@Nathan G: In Windows, when you switch from one user to another, Steam does exactly what I described: the first instance of Steam in the original user account quits, and a new instance of Steam starts in the second user account. Hence, no DRM issue. All I meant by my statement was that with about 10 lines of code, you could achieve the same type of behavior in OS X.
comment How to reduce photos in iPhoto while keeping metadata?
Also, what specifically do you mean by metadata? Just standard image metadata, like EXIF stuff, or also iPhoto-specific type things like faces, locations, etc.
comment How to reduce photos in iPhoto while keeping metadata?
What version of Mac OS X?