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IT career since 2006.

  • Platform
    ┗Windows(1),Linux(2)、Mac OS X Lion(3)
    ※1: main. 2: Ubuntu(private+work), Debian(work). 3: little(work).

    ┗Public: SasS(1), PasS(2), IasS(3)
    ※1: Group-ware: Google Apps, ZOHO, Cybozulive. 2: No practice but care about: Azure, Google App Engine. 3: Cloud Server: sakura、GMO.
    ┗Private:Hyper-V, VMware ESXi(vSphere Hypervisor) and others which used in work virtualization

  • Architecture / Framework
    ※ALl of GIS except data making product.
    ┗Desktop App(VB→.NET)⇒Web Project(ASP.NET, Struts→CakePHP→Symfony)⇒ASP(GIS)

  • Database
    [by Recently Time Order]
    ┗MySQL, DB2, SQLServer, Sybase, Oracle

    [by Proud Order]
    ┗SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, Sybase, Oracle

  • Other Skill
    [Experienced / Mastered]
    ┗GoogleMapsAPI, Some of SNS's API, Ajax(jQuery), MVC, github

    ┗Virtualization(1) & Cloud(2), HTML5+CSS3, Smart Phone(3), RIA(4)
    ※1: VMware, Hyper-V. 2: Public, Private. 3: iOS, Android, WinPhone. 4: Flex,Sliverlight.