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These days I'm paid to work on Ruby and JavaScript, I play around with C++, and I've spent plenty of time doing PHP and Drupal.

comment What's the best way to import DVD into iMovie 11?
@brasofilo good point added a link to the question.
comment How can I remove the “Eject” icon from the menubar?
I definitely wouldn't have found the other question.
comment iChat keeps silently going offline
is iChatAV different from iChat? Not really sure I understand the distinction you're trying to make after than either.
comment Is there a keyboard short cut to edit a cell in Numbers?
I went with Lri's answer because you'd repeated what I'd mentioned in the question about overwriting and they'd added the tip about changing the return key's behavior.
comment Keyboard shortcut to select all text in a cell in Excel
For some strange reason the first time I hit Cmd+A it didn't select it but I hit it again and it did and then it worked every time after that. Strange.
comment Where's iOS 4.2 image file?
Had the same problem. My iPad has an expired beta (8C5115C) but iTunes won't download an update because "4.2 is the current version." I feel like I'm dealing with Microsoft. WTF do I have to rely on 3rd party sites that could be bootleg images to work around their developer program? Oh and +1 to balexandre's suggestion. After verifying that they were actually Apple links I was able to download an image and get my iPad working again.