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Started programming in Basic, which took a while to realise is not programming.

Now really getting into javascript, and trying to use it like a real programming language, and not like Basic.

Like wordpress, but would prefer someone to completely re-write it in node.js

comment On the iPad, how do I tell what version of Mobile Safari I have?
@T.J.Crowder that js solution does not work for me on Mobile Safari 8 on iOS 8.1 - get Safari cannot run the script because JavaScript is not allowed to be used this way. but if I save a bookmark, and then edit the bookmark with that js solution, it works.
comment MacBook Pro 13-inch maximum memory
@Alan - I have been using two 8GB sticks in my mid 2010 macbook pro for almost a year now without any issues.
comment MacBook Pro 13-inch maximum memory
For posterity, my 16 GB RAM (two sticks of 8) works perfectly :)
comment How do I disable Chrome's two-finger back/forward navigation?
Works for me on Mavericks without the .plist
comment MacBook Pro 13-inch maximum memory
I am in Ireland, but still placed my order with the guys you linked to choosing $7~ shipping (there was $3~ available too). Thanks for the help!
comment MacBook Pro 13-inch maximum memory
I checked my model, which is MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2010) identified by MacBookPro7,1 and I have OS X 10.8.2 - so I should be able to install 2 x 8 GB RAM right? How can I know if the RAM is proper specification? How can I know if latest EFI is in place?
comment Black hole all IP addresses except for
download little snitch and set two rules to allow the ip addresses you want, and one rule to deny everything else
comment Can I disable the lighted Apple logo on the back of my MacBook Pro?
nice - thinking outside the box there (actually inside the case). I don't think I am going to be ordering anything - was hoping for software solution. However, the perfect solution would be something on the inside of the case, which could be made opaque via a switch, or sliding into place upon command somehow.