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comment How can I rename a Logical Volume Group?
Thanks this worked perfectly!
comment Lion Server not able to set Open Directory user account to store home directory on server
It's only a small office with a couple computers, I'll keep that in mind though if it grows. Mainly it's for ease of backups and to allow them to log in on another computer if their's breaks and still have all their settings and files. Also, I've configured the Mini in RAID 1 which should effectively double the read bandwidth for any files larger than the RAID stripe size.
comment Safe to post iOS crash logs in public?
I did another test with the latest Xcode and it did symbolicate a copy/pasted crash log. So that seems to no longer be an issue, but back when I was using Xcode 3 I swear I had trouble with any copy/pasted log. Not sure what the problem was but they didn't work for some reason.
comment Safe to post iOS crash logs in public?
At least in my personal experience, I've never been able to get pasted crash logs to symbolicate in Xcode. Unless something has changed in the newer Xcode versions to allow this, it will not work. When you try to paste the contents of a crash log into a new file and save as .crash, Xcode organizer ignores it and it has to be symbolicated by hand via the command line which is frustrating.