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Software engineer, strengths are Java, TCL, JavaScript, PHP, and breaking things. Weaknesses are functional languages, breaking things, and "you write some weird code sometimes".

Greatest moment: crashing the Linux kernel. Worst moment: Almost getting banned from #debian because they thought I was trolling.

comment SD card slot is always read-only
Worked for me but it took a lot of experimentation to figure out the exact position... at about 6/10ths of the way along, I can read/write again :)
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comment Is too much charge time bad for your iPhone?
Tip 8 is correct ("Do not leave a charged battery dormant for long periods of time."). My comment wasn't totally clear: if you are using the battery, then you should be keeping it charged. If you are not using the battery, you should drain it to 40%. You should try to avoid draining it completely as much as possible.
comment Is too much charge time bad for your iPhone?
This is not correct. If you leave a laptop plugged in, it is not continually charging the battery - if it was, it would explode! Once the battery is charged, the charging circuit will cut out (or at least cut to a drastically lower voltage). One of the worst things to do to a lithium battery is to continually discharge/charge it, keeping it topped up at 100% will keep it working longer. (For the longest life, discharge it to about 40%, and store it in a cold place)
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