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comment Can you use iMac Retina 5K as external monitor for a MacBook Pro?
Only a month ago DisplayPort 1.3 was announced. This includes support for 5K video. Apple has not yet adopted this new DisplayPort.
comment Stop Console.app from auto-scrolling while I'm reading a log
I had no idea that button was modal. Seems like an odd user-interface. When clicked so the "Now" button has a blue background the auto-scroll feature is "ON", grey background means "OFF". At least in Mountain Lion, Mac OS X 10.8.x. Thanks.
comment How can I find color codes on Mac?
I find the Wikipedia page on Web Colors much more useful for obtaining CSS/X11 color names than this answer's linked page. Also useful is this W3Schools.com page.
comment Apple “Cinema HD Display” (DVI) not recognized by MacBook Pro (late 2013)
I posted this question because I did about 20 minutes of googling with no answer. I found similar discussions (⌥+⌘+P+R, plugging cable early or later), but no fixes that worked for me.
comment Disk Utility does not show OK message after Verify Disk
This bug continues in Mavericks 10.9.3. On my MacBook Pro 15" Retina, the report stops on the item "Checking volume information." for my internal flash-based drive. When used on an external FireWire spinning disk, the report completes successfully.
comment What does Security & Privacy/Accessibility enable?
FYI, I have Parallels Desktop 9 and Skype apps listed on my Mac.
comment How long should my System password be?
That's good info. But my question is regarding the maximum number of characters to which Mac OS X (Mavericks) pays attention in your password. As I said in my question, originally in Mac OS X you could type in a really long password but you were wasting your time. They only used the first 8 letters. I wonder if there is still some kind of limit. No point in having a 60-letter password if Apple is only using 12 (or some such number).
comment OSX equivalent for ~/bin in Linux
FYI, to create the '.bin' folder, use the "make directory" command: mkdir bin To list it: ls -a If you make a mistake, delete the folder by using "remove directory" command: rmdir
comment How many files in a folder is too many?
Nice empirical test. Thanks.
comment How many files in a folder is too many?
Yes, indeed, I did include that link and fact in my question (2nd paragraph). I'm asking about practical real-world limits.
comment VirtualBox 4, install Lion guest on Mountain Lion host
@MattDMo If you are referring to the Apple licensing restriction to allow only the Server edition, you are incorrect. That restriction applied to Snow Leopard, but not Lion and Mountain Lion. Please refrain from posting information you have not bothered to verify. StackExchange is for facts not conjecture. And technically, Lion installs just fine in Parallels 8 VM – I did so today. macrumors.com/2011/07/01/…