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I've been using Macs since 1988, and owned my first one, a IIcx with a 40mb hard drive, a year later. I've owned five of them over the years, not counting two I had at work before they went to Windows 95. I currently have a Macbook Pro, and use it for word processing, design, and audio recording & mixing. I'm particularly knowledgable in Word, Garageband, Logic, and Macromedia Freehand--yes, I'm one of those users who won't switch to Illustrator until I have to.

For money, I'm a freelance editor--I make help writers make their books better. The pay isn't great but the work is fun and fulfilling.

I'm also an experienced touring bicyclist; I get audio engineering gigs; I'm a guitarist, songwriter, and performer; and I paint from time to time.

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