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25 years in videogames industry- first 10 as a programmer/artist/musician on BBC Micro, Electron, Atari ST, Amiga, MegaDrive and Jaguar, then 15 years as a Studio head/Producer working on XBox, Playstation 1 & 2 and 360 games for Rage, Venom Games and 2K Games. Returned to coding in July 2010, and working my way back up the tree of knowledge.

iOS Release-ography:

"Suggestion Box"- an app to make suggestions to improvisers. Jan 2011.

"MailShot"- Group Email integrated into all your favourite apps. Feb 2011.

"Ultimate Charades"- customisable charades game Apr 2011.

"ShotList"- Scheduling and tracking for movie shoots July 2011.

"FAQ"- Speedy user support for your products- including apps!. Oct 2011.