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30 years in videogames industry- first 10 as a programmer/artist/musician on BBC Micro, Electron, Atari ST, Amiga, MegaDrive and Jaguar, then 15 years as a Studio head/Producer working on XBox, Playstation 1 & 2 and 360 games for Rage, Venom Games and 2K Games. Returned to coding in July 2010, and working my way back up.

iOS Releases:

"MailShot"- Group Email integrated into all your favourite apps. Over 250,000 users on the App Store now. Feb 2011.

"ShotList"- Scheduling and tracking for movie shoots July 2011.

"FAQ"- Speedy user support for your products- (great for app developers!). Oct 2011. Also a Markdown version. Jan 2013

"TextShot" group texting app, designed to appeal to MailShot users. Aug 2013

"Suggestion Box"- an app to make suggestions to improvisers. Jan 2011.

"Ultimate Charades"- customisable charades game Apr 2011.

All apps have received multiple updates as technology changes.

comment Can I hide the “All on My iPhone” option in iPhone's Contacts app?
There is an option on the "Mail, Contacts Calendars" page in the Settings app which lets you decide which address book to use as your default.
comment iOS app for toggling bluetooth when iPhone is plugged into dock
Can I ask what your reason is for wanting to do this? The most common reason for turning Bluetooth off would be be to save power, which is unnecessary when you are plugged in. Is it because your device can still connect to a Bluetooth device in the car when you are docked? (I have had that problem myself as my desk is close to there the car is parked)
comment Enable AirPrint with a router?
It is more expensive than my airprint-enabled printer was though :)
comment Solution for Airprint with a router that is not Bonjour compatible
I hadn't thought of that possibility- but yes, thats worth checking for. (in my case both routers are physically wired together, and all IP addresses allocated through a single DHCP server, but its still an issue for Bonjour)