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comment May I remove Python.framework in $PATH enviroment variable?
As Joe touched on, it makes no sense to have two versions of Python loaded in your path successively. The first one declared will always win over the other one, which means that if you run python --version in your command line you will always see 3.4 and never 2.7. You can, however, invoke the python binary manually. An easy way to do that is the which -a python trick which will show you all the versions of the python binary loaded in your path. You can then execute the one you want with its absolute path. Example: /Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/3.4/bin --version
comment Any stock means of inserting a period by pressing the spacebar twice?
This doesn't work in OS X 10.9.4. The original text cannot contain spaces: link.olivierlacan.com/image/0A1L3k1N2I1p. It's too bad, really.
comment How to download the Command Line Tools for Xcode without the Downloads for Developers webpage?
@Matt What version of OS X are you running?
comment How to draw a curved arrow in Keynote 09?
Do you know how to reset curve handles on a point? It's very common for me to have a point with handles that cannot be dragged anymore.
comment Can I reset Notification Centre badge counter for Messages?
Thanks for the edit and the welcome, Dan.